VIDEO: Nonfiction Book Proposal That Help Publishers Say Yes (webinar)

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Our webinar package for Writing Groups, featuring the 60-minute webinar that equips you to write a winning proposal: Nonfiction Book Proposals That Help a Publisher Say Yes, is for groups of two or more writers.

Hint: Invite three friends—you can do that math!

But there’s so much more…

Yes, you receive the empowering webinar, worth $139 (that already includes $97 worth of bonus resources for individuals to help you craft a strong proposal), but writing groups also receive $68 worth of valuable resources that equip you—and your fellow writers—to review your own proposals and edit one another’s proposals!

When you purchase this Book Proposal Webinar for Writing Groups, you receive:

(1) Wordmelon’s “Nonfiction Book Proposals That Help Publishers Say ‘Yes’ Webinar (60 minutes)

(2) Wordmelon’s “Cover Letters That Help Publishers Say ‘Yes’” Video Don’t not watch it. (20 minutes)

(3) Wordmelon’s Nonfiction (Annotated) Book Proposal Guide (PDF) This doc walks you through the pieces that need to be included in your proposal, including the notes Margot would whisper in your ear if she was standing over your shoulder while you were writing. (Did that just get creepy?)

(4) Wordmelon’s Nonfiction Book Proposal Template (Word doc) Remember that Annotated Book Proposal Guide? Well this a sleek version of that, sent as a Word document so that you can just FILL IN THE BLANKS!

(5) Sample Nonfiction Book Proposal (PDF) If you’ve never perused a nonfiction book proposal, here’s your chance.

(6) PDF of all the slides in the video (PDF)

And here’s what only writing groups receive:

(7) Wordmelon Nonfiction Book Proposal Checklist  The checklist is what the writer uses after she’s written her proposal, to make sure she’s nailed it.

(8) Wordmelon Nonfiction Book Proposal Editing Guide The Editing Guide is what you hand to a friend—from your writer’s group, or your mom, or your smart English teacher neighbor—to help that person review your proposal! It guides him or her to ask the right questions and it coaches the reader to read it with the lens a publisher will use.

 Q: But how does it even work, Margot?

 A: Great question, friend. Let’s call the person who orders this product your “team captain.” He or she will receive a download with all the life-changing resources. (And there are so many, right?) Your team captain is authorized to share all the resources with every person who pitched in dollars to purchase the product. (Scouts’ honor!) And…I really hope that each one of you will help each other out and use the Proposal Editing Guide to review each other’s proposals!

Q: Do we watch the video together or separately?

A: The download you’ll receive gives you instructions for how to watch the video in the privacy of your own home. But…wouldn’t it be more fun to do it together? On a few couches if you all live near one another, or simultaneously if you’re separated by distance? Then discuss it afterwards, noting what was new information for each of you.

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