Cover/Query Letter Review

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Your query or cover letter introduces an editor to your nonfiction book proposal. And if it bombs, it’s likely an editor won’t open your book proposal. It matters that much.

When you purchase this Cover/Query Letter Review package, you receive:

  1. Margot’s Downloadable PDF ebook: Cover Letters That Help Publishers Say Yes
  1. Two passes of Margot reviewing your cover letter:
  • When you email your one-page cover letter to Margot, you’ll receive detailed feedback on what’s working, what can be improved, and guidance on how to improve it. (Ideally you’ve thoroughly read—or lightly skimmed—the PDF ebook you received with your purchase, because your cover letter will be strongest if you’ve implemented these ideas.)
  • After you’ve edited your cover letter, Margot will offer a second review with edits and final notes.

Q: How long does it take Margot to return my document with her edits?

A: If Margot’s at her desk, you’ll likely see her notes and edits by the next workday. If she’s vacationing in Hawaii, well…she’ll be in touch. Want to check Margot’s availability before you order? Email

After your purchase, Margot will expect to receive your cover letter within 48 hours, at