Wordmelon's Nonfiction Book Proposal Bundle

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We've  gathered everything you need to dazzle a publisher with your nonfiction book proposal: two videos, one ebook, a sample book proposal of a published book, a template to write your own proposal, and so much more!

Wordmelon’s Nonfiction Book Proposal Bundle includes:


  • "Nonfiction Book Proposals That Help Publishers Say "Yes" VIDEO [1 hour]

Wordmelon's hour-long video webinar is the main event. Don’t write a proposal without watching it.

  • "Cover Letters That Shine VIDEO" [20 minutes]
Nailing your cover letter is critical in garnering the attention of the gatekeeper. You need to start strong, grip the reader with your compelling premise, and persuade the reader to keep reading. This 20-minute video shows you how.


  • Cover Letters That Shine ebook (Christian Publishing Edition)

Margot asked acquisitions editors and agents in Christian publishing what they want to see and what they don’t want to see in cover letters and book proposals. This ebook is a gem!


  • 3 Things Every Publisher Must See (PDF coaching doc)

If you nail these three, you make it hard for a publisher to say "no"!

  • Wordmelon (Annotated) Nonfiction Book Proposal Guide (PDF coaching doc)

Throughout this annotated proposal Margot offers notes that let you know what publishers want to see in each section of your proposal. (And it matches to template you receive!)

  •  Nonfiction Book Proposal Template (Word Document)

This easy-to-use Word document—that matches your Annotated Nonfiction Book Proposal Guide equips you to craft your own winning proposal.

  • Sample Nonfiction Book Proposal (PDF coaching doc)

Margot wants you to have the opp to see a completed nonfiction book proposal for one of her published books. This sneak peek at one of Margot’s own winning proposals helps you:

    • Feel the weight given to various sections of the proposal
    • Hear the tone and voice to use in a proposal
    • Glean ideas for marketing that will hopefully ignite your own fresh ideas!
  • Crafting Your Premise Statement (PDF coaching doc)

This is the unique big idea with a fresh slant that you’re offering the world. When you craft a strong premise statement you serve the reader—and the writer! Your premise must be compelling for a publisher to say “yes”!

  •  Titling Your Book Effectively (PDF coaching doc)

These guidelines help you craft the best working title for your book!

  •  Book Proposal Review Checklist (PDF coaching doc)

Our Book Proposal Review Checklist helps you ensure that you’ve delivered what publishers want.  


  • All the Slides in the Video (PDF)

(You’re gonna want 'em.)


This is a lot. It is. But because you have ONE SHOT in front of the publisher of your dreams, we want to make sure you nail this!

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When you discover how publishers think, you can deliver what publishers want!