Sample Nonfiction Book Proposal

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The #1 rule of good writing is: "Show, Don't Tell."

And that's why Margot wants you to have the opp to see a completed nonfiction book proposal. With your eyes.

Once you’ve studied the FREE Nonfiction (Annotated) Book Proposal Guide, you will want to see an actual book proposal. This sneak peek at one of Margot’s own winning proposals helps you:

  • Feel the weight to give various sections of the proposal
  • Hear the tone and voice to use in a proposal
  • Glean ideas for platform-building and marketing that will hopefully ignite your own fresh ideas!
  • And so much more! 

*Note, Margot uses template from the literary agency that represents her, which is very similar to Wordmelon’s template you’re receiving—giving you a sneak peek at yet another template welcomed by publishers. Both are strong!