Premise Statement Review

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The unique premise of your book—sometimes also referenced as the concept, angle, or big idea—must be fresh and compelling! It communicates to a gatekeeper—an agent or publisher—that you’re saying something in a way that other writers haven’t said it, and it also meets the need of the reader. It makes the gatekeeper muse, “Hmm, I haven’t heard it that way before.”

If you’re not offering an agent or publisher a compelling premise, you make it harder for them to say “yes.”

When you purchase Big Idea Statement Coaching, you receive.

  1. A downloadable PDF document coaching you in how to write a great Big Idea Statement.
  2. Three passes of Margot reviewing your premise statement.
  3. When you email the one- or two-sentence premise statement that you have labored over, she’ll send you feedback on what’s working, what can be improved, and guidance on how to improve it.
  4. After you’ve returned to the statement, and revised it, Margot will offer a second review. Maybe you’ve nailed it!
  5. If your premise statement still needs polishing, you can return to it and send it to Margot a third time.

Q: How long does it take Margot to return my document with her edits?

A: If Margot’s at her desk, you’ll likely see her notes and edits by the next workday. If she’s vacationing in Hawaii, well…she’ll be in touch. Want to check Margot’s availability before you order? Email

After your purchase, Margot will expect to receive your premise statement within 48 hours, at