Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation

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Viewing your manuscript through the lens an agent or publisher would use, Margot reviews your manuscript and offers valuable feedback--commenting throughout the document--to help you meet your publishing goals.

Is a Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation for you?

1. If you're seeking a traditional publisher, you most likely need to submit only 2-3 chapters to an agent or publisher. So this service may not be what you need. (Note: Review of sample chapters is included when you purchase a Nonfiction Book Proposal Evaluation.)

2. If you're self-publishing, then a Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation, which is akin to a Developmental Edit, may be for you!


The fee for a Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation is $100 per 10k words. (i.e. The fee for a book that is 48,942 words would be $489.42). Because that gets tricky at checkout, email to inquire about a Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation.

Caution: Make sure you have enough energy left to implement changes after this eval! Margot will offer advice to improve even strong manuscripts!