Nonfiction Book Proposal Review

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When you submit a book proposal that you hope will land with a traditional publisher, Margot evaluates it through the lens agents and publishers will use when they read your proposal. And as Margot is reading your sample chapters, she is always thinking about the reader, and whether the writing is meeting her needs.

When you purchase a nonfictionbook proposal evaluation, Margot provides you with a detailed report about what's working well in your proposal, what can be strengthened, how to strengthen those weaker areas, and what to avoid. She can also suggest best next-steps to help you reach your publishing goals.

Within seven days, you will receive two documents back from Margot:

1. You receive your manuscript, with Margot's edits and notes.

2. You receive a written report highlighting your proposal's strengths and weaknesses, as well as solutions ot make it shine.

Note: If you purchase a Nonfiction Book Proposal Evaluation, be sure to schedule time to consider and implement changes Margot suggests before submitting your proposal to a publisher.

*Margot's review includes your book proposal and sample chapters between 5k-10k words.

*After your purchase, you have 7 days to send Margot your Nonfiction Book Proposal at: Within 7 days of receipt of your proposal, you will receive Margot's evaluation.