Build Your Book Blueprint™ WEBINAR Bundle

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If you're ready to write that book you've been holding in your heart, our Build Your Book Blueprint™ can give you the tools you need!

The “Build Your Book Blueprint Video Webinar introduces you to the 8 steps that will help you build your book.
The “Build Your Book Blueprint  Ebook further teaches you more about the 8 steps and how to execute them.
And your "Build Your Blueprint " Workbook is where you will create your own custom blueprint that will guide you as you build your book.

    Note: the ebook also includes bonus material teaching you what you need to know before you start writing (software, keeping documents organized, etc.) and what you need to know­ you’ve completed your manuscript (#theeditingprocess). Don’t miss these.

    Margot Starbuck shares secrets and strategies that equip you to build a book that serves the reader. Check out this video trailer...

     To offer you a peek, here's the process:

    1. “Meet the Client and Learn What She Wants”: Know Your Reader and Her Felt Need
    Before you write a book, know your reader. Identify your reader’s felt need. This is the “problem” to which you’re offering a “solution.”

    2. “Pour the Foundation”: Craft a Compelling Premise Statement
    Craft your premise statement, a big idea with a unique angle. This solution to the reader’s problem is the foundation of your book on which everything else is built.

    3. “Gather What You Need”: Brainstorm Your Content
    Brainstorm all your ideas: messages, stories, research, Scriptures, etc.

    4. “Frame the House”: Structure Your Book
    Organize the ideas you brainstormed into chapter categories. This framework for your book is your table of contents.

    5. “Identify the Function of Each Room”: Determine the Message of Each Chapter
    Ensure you’re serving the reader by identifying the single clear message that you want to offer the reader in each chapter.

    6. “Plan What Each Room Needs”: Develop a Guide for Writing Chapters
    Formulate a chapter guide to help you determine what elements you want to include in your chapters as you write.

    7. “Furnish Each Room”: Write Your Chapters
    Using the chapter guide you developed, write a chapter that serves the reader.

    8. “Decorate Each Room”: Polish the Language in Your Manuscript
    When you return to your manuscript, improve the language by being more intentional about the way you use words.

    Whether you're self-publishing your book or preparing a proposal for a publisher, this "Build Your Book Blueprint" helps you build a book that serves readers.